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Our staff understands the reason we are still in business is due to providing outstanding customer service to our customers. We want to make sure you are taken care of and 100% satisfied before you leave our auto repair shop in Pleasanton, CA. Please contact us if you have any questions about our auto repair and maintenance services.


"I’ve had tons of work done by jimmy and all I have to say is he’s such a genuine and honest mechanic! He will not try to sell you something that your car doesn’t need and that’s one thing I really like about Jimmy’s shop. If your looking for a mechanic that doesn’t try to cover your eyes with wool look no further this place is the best! I’ll never take my cars anywhere else!"

- Crystal F.


"I have been going to Jim Bowen's shop since 1981 and he has serviced and cured every problem, I've ever had with the following: an old Ford Van; a 1978 Mercedes; a Bayliner boat; a SeaDoo, a Dodge Viper, a Ford Ranger, a Dodge diesel truck; you name it and everyone was serviced or repaired with precision and skill.
I had some serious problems with a fuel pump and fuel gauge on a Dodge Viper and was told by Dodge to "see a qualified Viper mechanic". Went to Jim and he took it on, with amazing results; no more problems and at a price far less than what the dealer would have charged. I won't ever take it anywhere else, as long as Jim's around.
Took a Dodge truck to the dealer who was not too encouraging about the repair and that it would be "pricey" (a death wobble)
Jim took one look, fixed it and never a problem, again, and at a very, reasonable price.
One day, I took my old van to Jim to check a problem (I forget exactly what, now). He took one look under the hood and said: "You can fix that, yourself and save a couple bucks", so I did. He even loaned me the correct wrench.
I have never, ever felt a need to question his work, work ethics and pricing and believe they are the best.
I have sent friends to him and everyone, who did, said to me how pleased they were with results and attention.
With Jim, if you don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question. Years ago, I was looking at a particular used car to buy and I called Jim to make an appointment. He asked what make of car, I told him and he said, in no uncertain terms: "don't buy it unless you want to spend a fortune on transmissions". That's all it took. I will always trust him and the quality of his work and pricing ..!! I would like to believe he'll be here, forever ;-)"


"Excellent service, fair price and fast turnaround time to get my truck running safely. Will be returning again and again."

- Lucas T.


"BEST HONEST mechanic I’ve EVER been to. I bought an old but solid 2004 explorer two years ago. Jim was the previous mechanic to this truck and knew the history of the vehicle. I decided to take it somewhere else when I needed work done thinking mechanics were all the same. After getting breaks done at a big box company they said I needed $8000 dollars worth of work done on my truck. I said no way and decided to call Pleasanton Auto and see what he thought about it.

Jim is the best when I took my truck into see him. I said my truck was making noises after my breaks got done and the other guys quoted me this insane amount for my truck. He said let me take a look. He pointed out that they installed the breaks incorrectly and they cheated me by shaving my rotors instead of replacing them like I asked them to. He not only fixed the issue but he also figured out the “$8000” issue - which was a bad screw that needed to be tightened.

I’ve been going to Pleasanton Auto for 2 years now and every time I have an issue I not only learn something new but know exactly what the issue is. He’ll do his best to find me the best deal for the parts. I tell all my family and friends to see him because he really is the best mechanic. He wants to help not break the bank.

I highly recommend Pleasanton Auto as the best place in Pleasanton."

- Rebecca A.

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